Authentic Influencer Summit
March 2-3, 2021


Get in-depth business ideas and strategies to pivot your business online. This is an interactive workshop where you will have the chance to implement the things you are learning.

Limited Tickets

This limited capacity workshop allows you to have exclusive access to Social Tenacity leadership to take an upclose and personal look into your business.


This Workshop environment provides the opportunity to work with other business owners. Magic happens when we mastermind. 

Take control of your business today.

Learn How to Grow your Business Online

Been building your business through belly to belly marketing or in home parties?

You know that now is the time to pivot and get more customers and recruits online but might not have a proven plan to follow to help you reach your goals.

Let us help you over two days to give you the plan that you are looking for.

So, how will this whole Virtual Authentic Influencer Summit work?

We'lll be coming into your living room and you'll be joining us LIVE from the comfort of your home!

We'll hook you up with an event schedule, and a series of workbooks and private links for you to access EVERYTHING over the 2-days including:

  • Keynote sessions with Brooke 
  • Expert Coaching Hubs to get stuff done together
  • "Ask Me Anything" Panels to get real and raw on life and business
  • Virtual Networking Lounge to hang out and connect
  • Achievement Awards to celebrate and be inspired
  • Any Many other secret goodies!

And Much More...


Actionable Content for Network Marketers at any Stage of Business...

Join hundreds of network marketers from around the globe for an inspiring and action -focused 2 days of getting work done.

You'll leave refreshed and excited about the future, but more importantly, you'll leave with the practical steps and tools you need to:

  • Use Social Media to your advantage
  • Increase your viability
  • Grow an amazing team of runners
  • And much more.
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Breakout Sessions with Experts on How to Grow Your Business Online

You'll have access to Brooke's Experts across the 2 Days.

This is where each of the Experts will take you behind the scenes and give you the low-down on our best hacks or strategies that you can implement right away!

You'll be able to take part in multiple powerful breakout sessions across the 2-Days... no more guesswork... just tried, tested and proven strategies to grow your business.

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Connect & Collaborate with Hundreds of Likeminded Network Marketers

Over the course of the event you will be able to get to know and collaborate with not only the Social Tenacity team, but also with other members of the Authentic Influencer Community.

This is an incredible time to work and connect with other women who can immediately understand all the benefits and challenges of being a network marketer, just like you!

There will be incredible opportunities for meeting and connecting with like-minded network marketers across the virtual event with our Live Networking Sessions!



  • Event Registration - Day 1
  • Live Keynotes with Brooke Elder - Top Strategies to pivot your business online.
  • Breakout Sessions with featured presenters
  • Tenacious Achievement Awards


  • Event Registration - Day 2
  • Live Keynotes with Brooke Elder - Top Strategies to pivot your business online.
  • Breakout Sessions with featured presenters
  • Tenacious Achievement Awards
  • Closing Keynote with Brooke Elder

We Love To Giveback

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Here at Social Tenacity one of our core values is to give more than you receive. That is why each event we want to leave the community better than we found it.

This event is no different.

As we are coming together in as a world wide community we want to make the world a better place.

The purchase of your ticket will go towards providing Fresh Water to communities in need all over the world.

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Your General Admission Ticket Includes: 

  • Ticket to Authentic Influencer Summit
  • Intensive work ON your business
  • Training with Expert Coaches
  • Ticket to exclusive Monday night meet up
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Your VIP Admission Ticket Includes: 

  • Ticket to Authentic Influencer Summit
  • Intensive work ON your business
  • Recordings of Entire Summit
  • Physical At Home Experience Box
  • Special VIP session Tuesday Night
  • Training with Expert Coaches
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Exactly Who is This Summit For?
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You're likely to experience the most productive 2 days you've had in years if...

  • You're a network marketer and need a proven business growth and recruit-getting system FAST...
  • You've watched Social Tenacity from a far and want to know what we are all about...
  • You're a network marketer who is sick of the talking, dreaming and distractions and want to knuckle down and just get things done to ensure you make the next 12 months your best year yet!
  • You are a tenacious, authentic person, whining, complaining, excuses and "reasons why not" are not in your vocabulary.
  • You want to learn from and partner with some of the best business and marketing minds in the industry.
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